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Avantaje barbat-femeie
* Iti pastrezi buna dispozitie toata luna.
* Mecanicii nu te fac prost.
* Nu cari peste tot o geanta plina de cacaturi.
* Nu ti se fura la coafor.
* Ti-e perpendicular daca nimeni nu observa noua ta freza.
* La interviu pentru un job corpul tau nu conteaza.
* Daca esti criticat la munca, nu gindesti ca toti te urasc in secret.
* Nici unul dintre colegi tai n-are capacitate de a te face sa plingi.
* Iti pastrezi numele de familie toata viata.
* Faci baie in 10 minute.
* Poti umbla in tricou alb prin locuri unde te poti uda.
* Nu trebuie sa te razi mai jos de beregheta.
* Poti lasa patul de la hotel desfacut fara mustrari de constiinta.
* Parul carunt si ridurile iti stau bine.
* Poti participa la un concurs de pisat si ragait fara sa-ti fie rusine…. »




National depression




to Romania

words and music by balauru 


Why do they always keep smiling?

Why they don’t tell us the truth?

Why our future is dying?

And why we depress our youth?




Why do we kill our values?

Why  we pretend that we care?

Why do we build useless statues?

When we don’t have much to share?




And I don’t know why

They will never try

To make us see some good changes

Nothing left for hope

Nothing left to give

They want to sell us more dreams

They want to sell us more dreams




Why do you hate so much, brother?

Why can’t you  let me be who I am?

We must respect and help each other

And not to find somebody else to blame


 Why do they always keep lying

Why  they pretend that they care

They know, our future is dying

They know, there is nothing left to share


Why do we choose the wrong guys?

Who speak nice but do nothing

Why can’t we see they tell lies?

Why do we take those lies as something?

They want to sell us more dreams

They want to sell us more dreams


Why do you drink so much, father?

Why when you’re drunk you beat mom?

We suppose to love each other

We are family, all as one

 Why do they always keep smiling?